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Government vs Private LPG Gas Agencies: Which One is Better?

In recent years, the Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) industry has played a significant role in facilitating the transition to a more sustainable future for India's energy mix. As the demand for LPG continues to grow, consumers are faced with the decision of choosing between government gas agencies and private LPG gas dealerships. Although both options have their advantages, in this article we will help you explain which one is better to make a choice.

The Changing Landscape of India’s Energy Mix

With the rapid growth in economy and population, India is actively pursuing cleaner and efficient greener sources to be included in the energy mix. LPG has emerged as one of the popular choices due to its accessibility, affordability, and environmental benefits. To promote the use of LPG in every household, industry, and commercial establishment, the government has made commendable efforts, including subsidy on cylinders and Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana (PMUY), which aims to provide free LPG connections to below-poverty-line households.

To include LPG in the energy mix, private gas companies have also played a crucial role. With their expertise and efficient supply chain, private gas dealerships are bridging the gap between LPG suppliers and end users.

Differences: Government vs. Private LPG gas Dealership

In India, there are three publicly undertaken companies, also known as government companies Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL), Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL), and Indane Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL). While, private gas companies are many, consisting of big and small companies.

Difference in Application Procedure

Although government companies have updated a lot over the years, there is still room for improvement. Starting from the application process which takes 3-4 days to process, and can take up to 10 days to receive the connection.

Whereas, from a reputed private gas company, one can receive the connection in a span of 24-48 hours. Where the connection request can be filled out online and after verification of the documents, a personal assistant from the company will reach out and help you in the installation process.

Refiling of Cylinder

The process of cylinder refilling is way more convenient for private gas dealerships than for government gas dealerships. Through apps or telecommunication, one can reach out to their dealership, and receive the cylinder within 24 hours, ensuring a fast-paced supply. Whereas, in a government gas dealership, one needs to pre-book the refilling cylinder a week prior, and at remote locations, the cylinder needs to be booked a month prior to use.

Infrastructure and Technology

Private gas companies and government gas companies have distinct differences in their infrastructure and technology. Government LPG dealerships have access to government funds to establish and innovate their infrastructure, whereas private LPG gas dealerships are run by privately owned companies, hence the focus is to invest in advanced technology, and efficient management systems to improve operations and customer service.

Application for New Connection

The application process at government gas agencies is rather tedious and time-consuming. The whole process can be overwhelming for consumers. Whereas, private gas companies do not take much time to process and after submission of a few necessary documents avail the gas service within 48 hours.

Booking for Cylinder

The process of booking is way more convenient in private gas companies compared to the government. With apps, and telecommunication one can book the cylinder and receive it within 24 hours, ensuring a faster supply.

Customer Service

LPG gas connection requires maintenance and time-to-time checking of faults to prevent catastrophic damages. From 24x7 services to online booking for servicing, private gas companies are consumer-centric and focus on adding benefit to consumers’ hectic schedule with ease. The customer service includes testing the health of the manifold and checking the pipes, and stove to ensure it is safe to use for the consumer.

Advantages of Private Gas Dealership

Efficient and Reliable Supply

Private gas companies such as Shivgas, have a robust network and well-established infrastructure that ensures to meet customer demands and efficient supply of LPG to consumers. With their wide distribution network, they can reach even the most remote areas, providing uninterrupted LPG services. This reliability is especially crucial for households and businesses that rely on LPG for their daily operations.

Technological Advancements

Private gas companies always strive for advancement in technology. At Shivgas, our approach is to promote a greener and sustainable solution in India’s energy mix. With propane-rich LPG, tested at our lab, we invest in modern technologies to bring quality to our services. Additionally, our user-friendly gas booking process and real-time delivery tracking enhance customer satisfaction and streamline operations.

Efficient Supply Chain and Distribution Network

Private gas companies have a wide network of dealers and distributors. With a focus on commercial, industrial, and domestic gas supply needs, they have CMS that allows them to have supply predictive analysis for better inventory management. Shivgas has a wide network of private LPG gas dealers, and distributors in urban, suburban, and rural areas, which helps in establishing logistics management.

Adherence to Safety and Quality Standards

Maintaining the highest quality and safety standards is the hallmark of private gas dealerships. Owned by independent companies, they do not compromise on meeting the required quality benchmarks, providing customers with a sense of security and trust.


Private LPG gas dealerships benefit consumers in terms of service quality, pricing, convenience, and environmental responsibility. Choosing Shivgas’s LPG gas dealership will provide you with top-notch services and a seamless user experience. If you are someone looking to choose an LPG gas dealership for a new connection or want to upgrade your last connection with the new company, then contact us, as we provide a seamless experience in getting a connection.

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