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How To Make Your Home Sustainable With LPG Powered Appliances

The creation of a sustainable home contributes to the improvement of the environment. LPG GAS allows for building a sustainable home, that conserves energy and decreases the dependency on solid fossil fuels. Today, if you want to  make home sustainable, you can pick LPG gas agency like SHIVGAS, to for installation of LPG powered appliance.

The reports of WHO on the rising level of pollution are alarming! The rising temperature of the earth has led to the use of more electrical appliances, leading to more emissions of toxic greenhouse gases. It can be replaced with LPG as LPG is a sustainable and cleaner choice.

Here is a step-by-step process to incorporate LPG into your home.

Pick an Appliance

First, you need to pick the appliance that you use the most and you wish to transition it to LPG powered appliance. Some of the recommendations are:

  • LPG water heaters

If you are living in a city with cold winters and even moderate heat summers, then water heaters are your savior. Switch it to LPG appliances that are energy efficient.

  • Cooking Stove

The use of LPG for cooking is another way to make your home sustainable. Today, a lot of families are turning to induction, which does not solve the rising issue of greenhouse emissions from solid fossil fuels. Incorporating LPG ensures your choices promote a green environment.

Pick LPG Supplier

You must pick an LPG supplier before starting appliance installation. Look for a private gas agency that offers you a gas cylinder whose manifold fits the appliance you are using at home.

Most homes prefer automatic LPG refill tanks, it makes the process seamless as the gas bottle fills up before ending.


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Pick Licensed Gas Fitter

For the application of LPG-run appliances, you must pick a licensed gas fitter. It is important to hire a professional to install LPG-compatible appliances. Some specialize in particular types of LPG gas installation, ie hot waters, or water coolers.

Why Using LPG is sustainable for Home?

  • Cost-Effective:

The cost of installing LPG powered appliance depends on the type of appliance, the number of appliances, installation configuration, and storage room for LPG cylinder storage. The initial cost of installing LPG is way higher than a common electrical appliance, however, in long run it is cost-effective.

  • Calorific Value of LPG:

LPG fuel is energy worthy, it has a higher calorific value. LPG gas has 11850Kcal/kg which is higher than coal, petroleum, diesel, and other biomass fuels. This implies, that LPG consumes less energy to burn and helps in enhancing the operation by clean burning.

  • Advancing Energy Together:

SHIVGAS profoundly associates itself with clean energy as it has no hydrocarbon. The use of LPG with SHIVGAS ensures it is clean and does not spill. It improves air quality, diminishes the outflow of Green House Gases, and ensures the future is green.

  • Decease Dependency on Electricity:

The power cuts are one of the problems that every Indian faces at a certain point. During winter or heavy rain, power cuts can lead to huge difficulty. Application of LPG for running household appliances ensures you will never run out of power until you need gas refilling.

  • Pipeline fitting:

While using LPG for home, a lot of consumers forget to book gas until the appliances stop working, this is resolved with a pipeline manifold. The manifold is connected to all cylinders running, so you never run out of gas.


LPG is a better alternative to electricity at home for running electrical appliances. Appliances such as AC or water heaters consume a high amount of electricity and increase the burden on electricity bills.

SHIVGAS is an LPG gas agency in West Bengal, that is nurturing and helping in bringing a sustainable revolution to homes. You can buy a domestic cylinder or commercial cylinder and ask for professional installation safe and secure appliances installation at home

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