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Stay Ahead of the Feast: Festive Season LPG Gas Booking Tips

The festive season brings enormous joy, togetherness and of course a table with brimming delicacies. From Samosas to Sweets, festive parties are not lit if the right taste is not added, but in these celebrations, we often overlook the essential element that fuels the culinary endeavours- LPG gas. Whether you are cooking a feast for friends and family, or running a HoReCa business and about to experience large footfalls, the last thing you would want during the holidays is to run out of gas for cooking. To ensure a stress-free and seamless festive season, staying ahead in your LPG gas is a must. Here are some valuable tips from Shivgas, and our associated LPG gas dealerships that will help to keep your kitchen running smoothly.

Be an Early Bird in Booking

To avoid the festive rush, you must be an early bird in booking. Booking at least one week in advance gives you an upper hand, as you don’t have to stress out on out-of-stock notice or lack of labour or vans available for transportation. This foresight can save you from the chaos of last-minute rushing and ensure a timely refill.

Monitor and Optimise Usage

To understand whether you should stack up your storage with new cylinders or if the existing one would be enough for you, it is important to regularly check the gas cylinder levels. You can use various methods to estimate remaining gas, such as weighing the load of the existing cylinders, or you can gently tap on the cylinder to gauge the sound which helps in determining whether it is full or empty. This estimation helps you to plan the refill precisely when needed. Track your monthly cylinder booking dates that will help you in estimating the requirements, during the festive season.

A lot of LPG gas agency dealership offers subscription-based service, where you don’t need to keep ordering your cylinder, rather they track your consumption, and provide you cylinder on that basis. In this situation you don’t need to monitor the usage and keep your bookings on track, rather your dealership analyses your consumption patterns and ensures timely delivery without manual interventions.

Utilise Easy-Booking Processes

Round the hustle and bustle of the festive season, it is easy to forget to book since we all reach the last moment. This is where online booking comes to a rescue. With ease in the booking process, you can be assured that the cylinder reaches your home just in time before the festivities begin. Private gas companies like Shivgas’s LPG gas agency dealership provide you with 24x7 service, where you can book anytime, and ensure delivery within a few days.

Stay informed and prepared

In the peak season, there can be changes in delivery timelines, which is why subscribing to updates can help you to avoid unplanned delays, along with that it gives you ample of time to plan and adjust your timelines accordingly.

Why Should You Choose Shivgas This Festive Season?

Festivities have just begun, and in this, if you are part of HoReCa, it is important to choose gas agency dealership that fulfils your growing demand this season and can help you resolve the challenges that you often face with other gas agencies.

Reliability you can count on

In the festive season, a lot of dealerships face crises, including a lack of transportation, or the distributorship not delivering cylinders on time. Finding an agency to rely on, can ensure you won’t face embarrassment or other crises just in the time of need. Shivgas has an extensive LPG bottling plant, and every day the network of distributors and dealerships receive cylinders on time. With a number of vehicles in the fleet, they ensure reliability when demand peaks. Rest easy knowing Shivgas is committed to ensuring a stable and uninterrupted supply of LPG for your economic or industrial needs.

Safety First, Always

Safety is non-negotiable for Shivgas, especially when dealing with substances as vital as LPG. We prioritise safety at every step. Rigorous safety protocols, quality control measures, and mandatory checking while delivering the cylinders help you navigate the festivities safely and securely.

Tailored Solution for Every Need

Whether you are part of the commercial sector, managing a restaurant, or overseeing an industrial facility, Shivgas understands different businesses have unique LPG requirements. Our LPG cylinder starts from 17kg, and are available up to 425 Kg bulk cylinder. Other than that, Shivgas has LOT and VOT cylinders that addresses the requirements of the different manifold.

Commitment to Sustainability

In the raging pollution, environmental sustainability is paramount, and Shivgas takes the lead in promoting sustainability. Carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and pollutants are at an all-time high. With particulate matter exceeding its limit in the air, we need to integrate sustainable choices in our operations to reduce the impact. Shivgas’s propane-rich 100% imported LPG is a step towards a cleaner, greener future.


As you gear up for year-end festivities, make the smart choice for your LPG gas dealership. Choose Shivgas as your trusted partner, and excellence the seamless blend of reliability, safety, and customer-centric services that sets Shivgas apart in the industry. Be hassle-free this festive season by following the tips mentioned in the blog.

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