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LPG Gas The Right Choice for Industries

What Makes LPG Gas The Right Choice in Industries?

In the era of technological breakthroughs and the increase in industries, the looming environmental concerns precipitated the choice of fuel. Today, LPG is emerging as an alternative industrial fuel and its range of advantages ensures the selection is apt for industries. Private LPG gas agency is fueling the application of LPG in industries, due to […]

Benefits of LPG Gas in Industries | LPG Gas Agency - SHIVGAS

What Is The Role Of LPG Gas In Shaping The Energy Transition?

LPG gas or liquefied petroleum gas is set to increase in usage in upcoming years as it will be “the bridging fuel” along with natural gas to create a sustainable global energy system. The energy resource on which we are dependent is transient, as it comes from finite and non-renewable resources. This is why, the […]

LPG Gas In Shaping The Energy Transition | SHIVGAS

Indian Auto LPG: An alternative to diesel and Petrol

As concerns over smog and dense pollution reappear with the approaching winter, the government is encouraging Auto LPG. As a part to improve the air quality, the shift from petrol or diesel to Auto LPG to curb air pollution. The transport sector is responsible for 14% of CO2 emissions, out of which 60% is greenhouse […]