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How to Find the Top Gas Agency In Kolkata?

In the busy streets of Kolkata, where every now and then people are looking for services that could help the household chores, the role of cooking gas cannot be overlooked. With all the points to keep in mind, choosing the right agency for gas supply becomes a tougher job than expected. The job search doesn’t end at finding the gas agency, the collection of proper information about them matters as well. Shivgas being in the market for 30 years and providing household help every day, is not easy, nor is becoming a leading gas agency in Kolkata. Let us delve into the factors that should be considered while finding one.  


The agency you choose should be within the area you stay in, it will help with timely deliveries. Also will be accessible for you to minimize transportation costs and late deliveries. The reason to choose our gas agency near the proximity of your residence is to get the gas delivered within 1 day. 

Safety standards 

It is essential for you to check all the safety standards along with its regulations. The regulations include proper storage, handling, and transportation of the cylinders. The local safety guidelines should be checked for certifications and compliance. 


Before purchasing a gas cylinder, from the supplier you think is good, you should go through customer reviews on that particular service provider and how reliable they are with their services and products. Customer reviews help you to know the reputation of that agency. 

Certification and liscense 

The fourth thing to consider is to see if your chosen agency has a license to operate in your area. This step is to make sure that the agency meets the legal requirements before selling gas cylinders. Gas should not be purchased from an unauthorized and unregistered source, as it can bring a lot of consequences with it.

The reliability of the supply 

It is important to check the track record of the gas agency in order to understand how authentic the supply of gas reliability. By default, a good supplier will provide you with on-time deliveries and will have a shortcut plan for emergencies. 

Consumer Service

The level of customer service should be evaluated. It is important to have responsive customer service to help customers meet their solution of a problem. We provide solutions by resolving issues as soon as possible. 


Also, another important point is to compare the prices of the product among the average and reputed gas agencies. Cost being a factor, there should be transparency in billing, additional charges, and payment options. We offer affordable prices in the market, as compared to other companies. 

Delivery Schedule 

You have to understand the agency’s delivery routine. Do market research by asking neighbours, friends, or family to know whether the agency offers a regular time of delivery and we deliver flexible timings. There can be times when you won't be home, therefore if the gas is delivered when you are not home, it will be a problem. 

Cylinder Quality 

Make sure you get high-quality cylinders that meet the standards of safety from your service provider. Give a thorough check and look for any faulty cylinders. If the cylinders are not checked properly, then it can give birth to a risk that will harm everyone in your home. 

Customer review 

Customer review is one of the most important parts of choosing the right gas agency in Kolkata. The customers who have already reviewed the agency can provide you with valuable information as well as safety information about the agency’s products and services along with its responsiveness to the problems of consumers. 

Emergency Services 

It is important to inquire about the agency's emergency services and procedures. We have our trustworthy protocols in place in order to handle emergencies, like gas leaking emergencies or urgent delivery requests. 


The process of finding the right gas agency in Kolkata needs a lot of examination of several factors. From the proximity of your residential area to the emergency services, everything is important. We wrote this article to help residents know what to do while searching for the right agency for gas supply, it is for the businesses too, as it can help in cultivating partnerships. We not only help people with their gas-oriented problems but also maintain their comfort to always choose us as the gas agency to depend on. We have always satisfied our customers and with their appreciation maintained our reputation in the market.

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