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How Has LPG Emerged As The Stand Out Fuel For All Industries

Energy solutions are now rampantly growing in all sectors. In a day and age where environmental consciousness is a hugely discussed topic (and rightly so) even in industrial circles, the need for a fuel to stand out as sustainable is supreme. By 2024, all industries have understood that without an eco-friendly, versatile and cost-effective fuel, the chances for them to grow and maximise revenue are almost none.

Thus, a fuel that optimises operations, maximises profits and leaves a very minimal carbon footprint on the environment has been the lookout of every sector for a long time. Used extensively in industries like petrochemical, metal melting and powder coating, the scope of LPG as the most reliable and effective fuel covers the automotive and hospitality sectors too. Even residential households are full of LPG applications. 

The best fuel for the environment, not only has it left behind fuels like coal and oil long back but has also overtaken untraditional fuels such as Biogas and CNG. This blog is an attempt to explore the benefits of LPG across all important commercial, industrial and residential sectors and uncover the lid on the reasons that make it the first choice for all.

A Reliable, Efficient & Eco-friendly Fuel

Allowing industries to expand, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) has now even extended its benefits to a field like agriculture helping farmers optimise their operations by spending less labour and earning more profits.  Burning hotter, emitting less, using less energy, producing more, lasting longer and requiring minimal maintenance, ecofriendliness, efficiency and reliability are the three main categories where LPG gets the jump over other fuels. 

Here’s an in-depth analysis of 5 key points to understand why LPG is favoured over other fuels both nationwide and globally:

1. Incredibly Low Emissions

The carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and sulfur emissions are the least in LPG.  Producing less particulates and greenhouse gases, it is a much cleaner fuel with a very low carbon footprint. This is not just beneficial for the environment. In the automotive industry, the use of LPG in engines assures almost zero mechanical failures. This is only because of the presence of a very low quantity of carbon.

Other than this, nowadays there is a lot of pressure on both corporate giants and small startups to abide by the environmental regulations and standards that have been put forward. LPG allows these companies to remain compliant and build their brand and in turn, revenue. 

2. High Calofic Value

The calorific value of LPG is 55000 kJ/kg. It means it produces 55000-kilo joule energy by burning 1 kg of it. This is exceptionally high. Due to this high heat liberation capacity, the performance of LPG compared to other fuels is much superior. Not only does this allow LPG to provide energy faster, it ensures high performance for a long period of time. 

This is a huge reason why all major industries prefer LPG as their go-to fuel. In petrochemicals, powder coating, ceramic making, metal melting and even in hospitality, the demand is extremely high and the time at hand for the provider is less. So, any fuel that produces heat faster and at a higher temperature meets the requirement. This increases production, reduces consumption and maximises the ROI for big business people and companies.

3. Adjustable Combustion & Temperature Control

In industries where the workload is very high, there cannot be any compromise in terms of quality. They need a fuel that is capable of achieving the precise temperature where the best quality can be created. LPG is the first fuel choice for all because no other fuel can match its precise temperature control. A fuel where the flame intensity and heat output can be fine-tuned, industries can achieve the high accuracy that is needed only with LPG. This besides improving productivity, also reduces unnecessary operational and fuel wastage.

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4. Versatility

Because of being equipped with so many unique selling points, LPG is used across a wide range of industries. From creating glass and metal cutters to water heaters and cylinders at home to agricultural tools for crop drying and control, no other fuel matches the versatility that LPG has. Now also used as an effective alternative fuel in the transportation sectors, anyone who eyes long-term business growth in terms of revenue and reputation will eye it.

5. Affordability

You might be under the assumption that due to being armed with so many features, the cost of LPG is incredibly high. But that is absolutely not the case. Cheaper than its counterpart conventional fuels like diesel and electricity, it allows businesses of all kinds to optimise their operations by cutting down on fuel expenditure. The most economically viable option, LPG is now available across the whole country and the world through competitive pricing and flexible supply options.

Shivgas: The Go-To LPG Provider Across All Sectors

Providing innovative solutions with cutting-edge technologies and unmatched services for the last 30 years, Shivgas is one of the most established gas companies in India that due to its commitment to quality and reliability and round-the-clock post-sales support, has emerged as the most trusted provider of LPG for all industries and households alike.

Now, every dealership, small company, and century-old corporate giant depends on Shivgas’ innovative, affordable products and quick response customer service. Selling cylinders that are built to withstand harsh weather conditions, our LPG cylinders are immune to long periods of peak usage, thus keeping you free from always keeping a strict watch. We free you up to focus on your operations and not waste time worrying about safety, by supplying you with unmatched efficiency in all circumstances.

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