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How are Gas Agency Dealerships the Key Players in the LPG Supply Chain?

The market for Liquified Petroleum Gas or LPG has expanded manifolds in the past few decades. Thanks to the numerous benefits that the fuel offers, it has expanded to commercial and industrial sectors too. Meeting the demands of the increasing market share, gas agencies are keeping up – playing a significant role in the supply chain.

Gas agency dealerships are essential players in the LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) supply chain because they are essentially the final link between the LPG companies and the end consumers. To know how gas agencies are game-changers in the LPG supply chain, read on.

The Complete Liquified Petroleum Gas Supply Chain

There is an extensive process that includes several steps for bringing LPG cylinders to every doorstep. Right from procurement to the distribution of cylinders, different players depend on one another to make the process a successful one. However, without the right distribution channels, all the other stages will be meaningless. That’s where the role of dealerships comes in.

Role of Gas Agency Dealerships in Supply Chain

There are several roles that a gas agency plays. Some of them are:

Distribution of Cylinders

At a bottling plant, the gas is filled into smaller cylinders from a bulk source. These smaller cylinders are then transported to the gas dealerships, to be distributed to households and commercial establishments within their assigned area.

Ensuring the Safety

Safety is a huge concern while handling flammable commodities like LPG. Without the appropriate safety precaution, it is risky to deliver it the right way. Gas dealerships are responsible for ensuring that the LPG cylinders are stored and handled safely to avoid any significant risk.

Offering Excellent Customer Service

Gas companies cannot handle specific calls or queries from particular regions. It will not only result in innumerable calls but also improper solving of the problems. It is these dealerships that act as a point of contact for customers, handling their queries and complaints.

Keeping Proper Documentation

Gas is supplied to millions of households and commercial centers, usually on a subscription basis. For a gas company, it is difficult to keep track of so much documentation along with regional or local identification. This is where dealerships take over the task of maintaining proper documentation of the LPG cylinders distributed to customers.

Carry Out Marketing or Promotion

Dealers have regional market knowledge as well as familiarity. And that is why it is the dealerships that are responsible for promoting LPG usage. They are usually the ones that encourage customers to switch from other fuels to LPG.

Providing Installation and Maintenance

Besides offering maintenance and repairs for the LPG cylinders and associated components, dealerships also offer additional services. Sometimes they offer installation services for gas appliances, such as stoves, heaters, and water heaters.

Compliance with Rules and Regulations

Gas dealerships are responsible for ensuring compliance with government regulations and standards. They play a critical role in ensuring that LPG is available to consumers in a safe and efficient manner.

Gas Agency Dealerships from Shivgas

From the above-mentioned points, it is evident that dealerships play a crucial role in the supply chain. If you have entrepreneurial skills and are looking for a profitable and lucrative business, Shivgas is offering the opportunity to take up a gas agency dealership.

Get assistance from our team of experts to set up your business as a dealer. With simple eligibility criteria, become a part of our 30-year-old legacy and contribute to the success of the LPG industry.

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