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Why is a private gas agency a better choice for streamlined supply?

Running out of gas is not merely an inconvenience; it can disrupt daily routines, hamper productivity and even pose safety concerns. In households, a sudden depletion of gas can halt cooking, heating, and hot water supply. Businesses, especially those in the hospitality and food industry, can face severe setbacks when faced with unexpected gas shortages, while in other Industries sudden stoppage of gas supply can disrupt operations can pose a threat to supply. 

For many, the reliance on government-undertaken LPG gas companies has been a default choice. However, the challenges of inconsistent supply, bureaucratic procedures and lack of personalised service have prompted a shift towards private gas agencies. Recognising the significance of streamlining gas supply plays a pivotal role in addressing the concerns of individuals and businesses relying on LPG for their daily needs. So, let’s check in the blog how private gas agency is taking the responsibility to streamline the supply! 

But first of all, let’s take into consideration why streamlined supply matters.

  • To avoid abrupt interruption

A streamlined supply is required in any operation, be it domestic cooking, or just production at a large scale where the source of fuel is LPG. And having a reliable source of supply chain makes sure after the booking of gas there won’t be a failure in delivery, allowing you to avoid unforeseen circumstances that might arise due to abrupt interruption. 

  • Safety concern

Inconsistent supply can pose a threat, especially if the individuals resort to alternative methods in the absence of an LPG gas supply. Improper handling of alternative fuel may lead to accidents, hence emphasizing the importance of maintaining a steady and reliable supply of LPG to ensure the safe use of gas appliances. 

  • Environmental considerations

In areas where the consistency of LPG gas delivery is abrupt, most people tread back to using wood, coal and any other traditional fuel that they can find conveniently. Hence, it impacts the larger goal of achieving a carbon neutral or having net zero emissions. The reduction of disruption in the supply chain prevents users from resorting to traditional solid fossil fuel hence contributing to sustainability efforts. 

How Private Gas Agency Streamlines LPG Gas Delivery? 

A delivery meant for today, if reached a week later can have huge consequences, and private gas companies understand that. As a leading private gas company having multiple distributors across the nation, we have adopted a few processes which have helped streamline our gas supply to consumers. 

Advanced Logistics and Tracking System

Shivgas has hundreds of trucks in its fleet which helps in delivery on time. These GPS-enabled vehicles allow real-time tracking allowing for precise monitoring of deliveries, optimizing routes, and ensuring that LPG cylinders reach their destinations promptly. This level of technology-driven precision minimizes delays and enhances overall delivery efficiency.

Understanding The Demand And Supply Based On Consumer Behaviour

We use predictive analytics based on historical data that helps to forecast demand accurately. This approach helps in the identification of peak periods, such as the festive season and adjust their supply chain accordingly. By staying ahead of demand fluctuations, we ensure to keep the supply uninterrupted and steady which meets the needs of their customers. 

Efficient Refill Scheduling

Efficient refill scheduling plays a significant role in the smooth and uninterrupted supply of LPG. The scheduling helps the agencies know consumer’s requirements in advance and use this proactive approach to minimise the likelihood of customers running out of gas unexpectedly. The ability to schedule refills efficiently adds a layer of convenience for customers. Instead of waiting until the last minute or manually placing refill orders, customers can rely on automatic scheduling systems. This ensures a steady supply of LPG without requiring active involvement from the consumer, contributing to a hassle-free experience.

Offering Subscription Services

Private gas companies have a subscription service, where a fixed number of cylinders will reach you on a fixed date of every month. This allows for better control of demand and supply chain and reduces the chances of the requirement of last-minute delivery. 

Robust Gas Supply

One of the reasons for the disruption in gas supply is the delay in the delivery of imported gas. This is where Shivgas excels. We have a bottling plant in Dankuni which is equipped with advanced storage facilities from where cylinders are bottled and then sent to the market. Having the enormous capacity of Dankuni’s facility, the private gas agency ensures delivery within 1-2 days after gas booking. 

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With a wealth of 30 years of experience in the LPG industry, Shivgas has stood to be one of the leading private gas companies in India, especially in the eastern zone. With the vision to make LPG the primary fuel to reduce the harsh impact due to the use of alternative fossil fuels, Shivgas Gas made an effort in 30 years by increasing transport trucks, and dealerships across the nation which has helped in ensuring a streamlined supply across. 

The efficiency is achieved through advanced logistics, predictive analytics, personalized communication, and user-friendly interfaces that is transforming the way consumers experience LPG gas delivery. 

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