LPG Gas Supply and Industrial Performance

LPG Gas Supply and Industrial Performance: Exploring the Correlation

Industries are the backbone of a country’s economy. And powering various economies are fuels that execute day-to-day operations. Without the availability of fuel sources, these industries would come to a halt. Among the most preferred fuel choice lies Liquified Petroleum Gas or LPG, which is widely available across the country.

The usage of this fuel over traditional sources has several advantages in an industrial setting. LPG is more easily available, has less carbon footprint, as well as economical for long-term usage. In this blog, let’s find out how LPG gas supply and industrial performance are correlated.

Industrial Productivity and Fuel Dependency

Industries ranging from large-scale to small-scale MSMEs, all depend on fuel sources. And the adaptability to fuel sources like LPG in recent times has massively helped power industrial uses. From manufacturing processes to heat generation, depending on the applications, industries can make several uses of LPG.

While manufacturing industries hold the largest share of energy consumption every year, industries like mining, construction, and agriculture follow right after. These industries demand power generation for carrying out tasks on a large scale. From powering machines, and generators, to enabling the function of manufacturing lines, Liquified Petroleum Gas has several uses. And to cater to these rising demands, the number of LPG gas dealership agencies is also on the rise.

Advantages of LPG for Industrial Usage


Industries make use of fuel in more than one application. From transportation, manufacturing, and power generation, to heating and cooling, industries use fuels for several purposes. Earlier, it needed several different fuels to carry out the varied application, which meant different patterns of storing, labelling, and even procurement. However, LPG offers the massive advantage of being able to power several applications, ranging from powering boilers and ovens to fueling forklifts and vehicles. Besides, the versatility of LPG makes it a choice fuel for a variety of industries, such as manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, and construction.

High Calorific Value

Fossil fuels that are traditionally used in industries including coal and oil generate much lesser energy. With a low calorific value of lower than 30000 KJ/Kg, coal stands lower when compared to Liquefied Petroleum Gas. Since LPG has a high calorific value, it means that the gas contains more energy per unit of volume than other fuels. This makes it an efficient choice for industries that require high levels of energy output, such as industrial furnaces and boilers. The high calorific value of LPG also means that it produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions and pollutants than other fuels, making it a more environmentally friendly choice.


The unavailability of fuel sources can lead to increased downtimes, leading to low industrial productivity and ultimately reduced revenue. Industries that rely on fossil fuels often face such issues. However, industries that run on LPG, encounter nothing similar. Since LPG gas dealership agencies are widely available throughout the world, it becomes a highly reliable source of energy for industries. Additionally, the fuel can be easily transported and stored in large quantities. Whether it is an off-road or remote location, LPG can be safely and efficiently transported in order to reach such sites boosting the consistent supply of energy to power their operations.


Industries contribute to a huge portion of the combined pollution. And today countries need to opt for fuel sources, that produce the least amount of emissions. As a new-age fuel, LPG burns with a clear blue flame and produces significantly fewer emissions when compared to fossil fuels. LPG is a clean-burning fuel that produces fewer emissions than other fossil fuels. It emits significantly less carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and sulfur oxides than coal, oil, and other fossil fuels, making it a more environmentally friendly option. This makes it an excellent choice for industries that prioritise sustainability and want to reduce their environmental impact.


Industries necessarily look for cost-effective fuel sources that are reliable as well as do not create a hole in the pocket. Since LPG is typically cheaper than other conventional fuels such as diesel, gasoline, and even natural gas, LPG is considered one of the most cost-effective industrial fuels. Apart from that, LPG is also available widely across the nation which further reduces transportation costs. The secret to the low prices lies in the manufacturing process of LPG. Produced from natural gas processing and crude oil refining, LPG gas becomes more cost-friendly than other traditional fuel sources. Additionally, the growing number of LPG gas dealership agencies also favour pricing.

Safe and Easy to Use

LPG is also a safe and easy-to-use fuel source. It is non-toxic and does not pose a risk to human health or the environment when handled properly. It is also easy to store and transport, making it a convenient choice for industries that require a portable and flexible energy source.

Reliable Source of Energy

Industries require a reliable source of energy to power their operations, and LPG is a dependable and consistent source of energy. Unlike other fuels, such as coal and oil, which can be affected by weather conditions, LPG is not affected by external factors and can be stored and transported safely and easily. This makes it an ideal choice for industries that require a constant and reliable supply of energy.

Reduces Maintenance Costs

LPG is a clean-burning fuel that produces fewer emissions and pollutants than other fossil fuels. This means that it can help to reduce maintenance costs for industrial equipment and machinery. It produces less soot and ash, which means that equipment and machinery require less cleaning and maintenance. This can help to reduce downtime and maintenance costs, making it a cost-effective choice for industries.

Way Forward: Shivgas’ Contribution to Powering Industries

With numerous LPG gas dealership agencies spread out, Shivgas supplies LPG for a wide array of industries for applications. Ranging from metal melting, heat treatment, crop drying, steam generation, and weed flaming among others, Shivgas offers LPG solutions for all. With a mission to help power industries, we cater to the needs of different industries ranging from small-scale to large-scale. With high-quality products and reliable services, Shivgas ensures that energy needs are met with utmost diligence and promptness.

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