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Liquefied Petroleum Gas: A Game-Changer for MSMEs

Contributing to almost 33% of the country’s GDP, the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises or MSMEs sector in India occupies a major share of the economy. Businesses that deal with manufacturing and offering services fall under the bracket of the MSME sector. The energy consumption of the MSME industry nearly equals 50 million metric tonnes of oil used every year. Today, LPG has emerged as the prominent source of energy for such businesses. So, what makes Liquefied Petroleum Gas or LPG the preferred fuel choice in the MSME sector?

A clean and smokeless fuel, LPG has garnered a lot of popularity in commercial and industrial uses. A by-product of the crude oil refinement or natural gas generation process, LPG is an excellent choice for several applications across industries. The increasing demand for this energy source has contributed to the growth in the number of LPG gas agency dealerships, companies, and suppliers. 

Advantages of using LPG in MSMEs

MSMEs, which form the backbone of many economies in India, face several challenges in accessing energy. With Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), the sector has massively benefitted in day-to-day operations. 

  • Widespread accessibility

Oftentimes, MSMEs are located in regions that do not have the best accessibility to sources of energy including electricity and fuel. This is particularly true for micro-scale businesses, which are often based or located on the outskirts of the city.

Such businesses need an efficient, and affordable source of fuel to power their operations. Meeting the requirements of these businesses many gas agency dealerships deliver to such locations. And hence, LPG has turned out to be a great fuel source. Available widely across the country, LPG is distributed in portable cylinders, making them highly reliable for all.   

  • Cleaner fuel source

The rising pollution levels demand fuel sources that do not contribute to excessive emissions. Since industries account for nearly two-thirds of the total pollution levels, it is important to make better choices. And hence, more businesses are switching to cleaner sources like LPG. 

Liquefied Petroleum Gas or LPG, burns with a clear blue flame and practically produces no smoke. Besides LPG has low carbon content which makes it contribute less carbon into the air. Additionally, low sulphur content also causes low amounts of toxic sulphur dioxide emissions. As a result, LPG has evolved as the perfect solution to reducing environmental footprint as well as reducing exposure to toxic gases. 

  • Versatility in usage

Many businesses need fuel to carry out different functions on a daily basis. However, the use of different sources of fuel not just increases the inconvenience but also increases the cost. The demand for multipurpose fuel that can be used for many purposes is fulfilled by LPG. 

Liquefied petroleum gas is an extremely versatile fuel that can be used for a wide range of energy needs. And that’s what businesses can take advantage of in order to carry out processes like heating, manufacturing, processing, and powering machinery. One fuel, many applications!

  • Cost-effective option

MSMEs typically operate with moderate funds, which means spending too much on fuel can skyrocket expenses. Hence, an affordable source of fuel can save costs considerably. LPG being a cost-effective fuel provides a much cheaper energy alternative. 

Besides, LPG produces much higher power per unit when compared to fossil fuels, which means they yield more energy than other energy sources. Liquefied Petroleum Gas can also be stored in cylinders, which allows businesses to purchase the fuel in bulk, reducing complex storage methods. 

  • A safer fuel

It is extremely important for businesses to ensure safety in their operations. Some fuels are more flammable than others, which poses a threat to the safety of life and property. And yet again, LPG emerges as the fitting source of fuel. 

Liquefied petroleum gas is a high ignition temperature which makes it less likely to ignite accidentally when compared to gasoline or diesel. Besides, LPG tanks are designed to withstand high pressure and impact, making them less prone to rupture or leak. In addition, LPG has a distinctive odorant Ethyl Mercaptan added to it, which makes it easy to detect leaks, if any. These factors combined make the fuel a safe option for the MSME sector. 

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