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Reduce Your Expenses By Understanding LPG Saving Tricks in The Hotel Industry

Hospitality is a dynamic industry that hardly seems to have scope for rest, thought and wise decision-making. Operating in this fast-paced environment can take a toll on your business goals if you don’t spare yourself the thought to realise the importance of cutting down on avoidable expenses. Thus, to stay successful for a long time in the hotel business, it is paramount to put in place various operations that can shoot up your profits without compromising on quality or service.

A hotel business just cannot function without LPG. It remains the most abundantly used product across the entire hotel and hospitality industry. From cooking in kitchens to heating water in guest rooms, you need it everywhere. Thus, the expense of just this one component that helps you to run your business can be massive. However, hoteliers can significantly mitigate the amount spent on LPG without reducing its quality. The secret lies in putting into use the right knowledge that is tailored specifically for the hotel industry to thrive while minimizing costs.

In this article, we aim to delve into proven LPG tips and tricks highlighting the role that a premium gas agency can have in making your hotel business push its own boundaries.

Understanding LPG Consumption Patterns

Before you proceed with the implementation of LPG cost-saving measures, it is a must to get a grip on how LPG consumption functions. Thus, the first step for any hotelier would be to identify peak usage periods, inefficient appliances and procedures where gas wastage is taking place. Once, you have identified, then steps need to be taken to strategise and optimize consumption and waste reduction. Here are the proven tips and tricks that make a difference:

  • Regular Maintenance and Inspections: Lack of maintenance can lead to gas leaks, ineffective combustion, and increased LPG consumption. Regular maintenance can stop that.  A scheduled check for all gas-powered appliances prevents minor lapses from becoming major breakdowns. This ensures optimum efficiency and minimizes the chance of sudden, random expenses.
  • Optimise Cooking Processes: Cooking practices impact LPG. Keeping a kitchen staff that is trained to utilize gas ovens and stoves effectively, will aid your cost-cutting measures. Putting due emphasis on techniques such as using lids to trap heat, minimizing idle time, using the same pot size as the burner size guarantees temperature control, precise application and faster cooking times, thereby bringing down LPG consumption.
  • Smart Purchasing Strategies: Partnering with a reliable gas agency is the most effective step that you as a business owner can take to ensure optimum quality at competitive prices. Opting for a premium gas agency also safeguards your long-term expenses, as premium quality cylinders require almost zero maintenance cost.
  • Implementing Gas Monitoring Systems: Established companies provide cylinders that are equipped with gas monitoring systems. They allow recognition of anomalies, leaks and also help to trace down consumption trends.
  • Employee Training and Awareness: Keep your staff always informed and educated about LPG consumption to ensure that the right steps are always taken to secure its conservation and sustainability.

How Shivgas Makes A Difference

Shivgas is a premium gas agency that has been leading the domestic, industrial and commercial sectors for the past 30 years, providing innovative solutions with cutting-edge technologies and unmatched services. With utmost commitment to quality and reliability, we have developed innovative solutions to create cylinders that are equipped with LPG waste-minimizing tools. Partnering with us ensures not only top-quality gas cylinders but also consistent guidance, expert advice and most importantly custom-made personalised solutions to help you optimise your operations and maximise savings.

 Known for a diverse collection of cylinders that includes 12Kg, 17Kg, 21Kg, 33Kg VOT cylinders, 33Kg LOT cylinders, and 425 Kg cylinders, we have different pricing for each. Our pricing inclusive of the cost of the gas cylinder, regulator, pressure valve, and installation charges, allows you to start with an advantage in terms of both quality and cost while trying to curb LPG wastage.

Delivering always on time, maintaining appropriate quality, and sticking to our promises, Shivgas has been for decades an industry-leading gas agency that ensures reliable supply, competitive pricing, quick response to emergencies and transparent billing. We optimise the LPG cylinder price by keeping a strict watch on several tenets and make sure that you keep on improving your cost-efficiency and positioning yourself better for continued success in the long-term Indian market. Investing in us ensures efficiency, innovation and trust; we allow you to reap the rewards of a more cost-effective and sustainable business model.

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Necessary Reminders To Take Away

Remembering to always know the exact real-time data of LPG usage, staying cautious to sudden performance blips and conducting regularly scheduled inspections will always help you to maintain high standards of service and comfort for your hotel guests. What Shivgas does is, it helps you relax and not be on guard all the time: being a premium gas supplier our LPG does not need your scrutiny to provide high performance.

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