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Get Domestic LPG Connection With Minimal Documentation

A low-carbon duel, Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a compressed version of natural gas. It is an essential part of a modern household across cities and suburbs. From cooking to water heating – domestic uses of LPG are common.

Today, more and more households (even in rural areas) across the country are making the shift to this clean fuel. It is simply because of the number of uses and versatility they offer. Another major reason for the transition is the affordable private gas cylinder prices.

This is why the need to know a quick and hassle-free connection process is the need of the hour. Unlike the contrary notion, opting for an LPG gas connection for your home does not require detailed documentation. So, if you don’t have an LPG connection yet, this blog is for you.

Why use LPG for Domestic Purposes?

From smoke to unadjustable flames, traditional fuels like biogas or wood have several disadvantages. On the contrary, LPG is a no-smoke fuel whose flames can be effectively controlled. A safe, reliable, and convenient source of energy, LPG cylinders are a common sight in Indian households. There are several reasons why a domestic LPG connection is important, some of which are listed below.

Safe to Use

LPG is a fuel that is clean, safe, and does not produce harmful pollutants or toxic fumes when ignited. This is what makes LPG a safer option for domestic use than traditional fuels such as wood or kerosene.

Convenient for Storage & Transportation

LPG is typically stored in a cylinder and can be easily transported, making it a convenient option for households. It eliminates the need to collect wood or go to the market to buy kerosene, saving both time and effort.

Affordable Alternative

LPG is a cost-effective fuel option compared to electricity, wood, or biogas. It is also cheaper to maintain and repair an LPG stove than an electric one.

A Reliable Source

LPG supplies are consistent and dependable, making them a reliable source of energy. In the case of electricity outages or other disruptions, LPG can provide a backup source of energy.

How to take an LPG Connection?

In order to get an LPG gas cylinder delivered to your house, you must have a connection. A connection simply determines you are eligible for receiving domestic gas cylinders. The connection includes the installation of an LPG cylinder, stove, and other necessary equipment at a household. The cylinder is filled with gas and is connected to the stove or other appliances, allowing the household to use LPG as a fuel source.

Steps to Get Domestic LPG Connection with Minimal Documentation

Choose the Right LPG Provider

There are several LPG gas providers in the market that offer domestic connections. Research and evaluate which provider is the right one for your needs and requirements. Look for service stations in and around your location, besides their market reputation. Choosing the LPG provider beforehand is the first step towards getting a hassle-free connection. Not only do private gas agencies offer excellent services, but the application process and waiting times are also significantly less.

Check Eligibility Criteria

Did you know that checking the eligibility criteria for domestic LPG cylinders in advance can help you avoid unnecessary to and fros? Most gas companies have their rules of eligibility listed on online portals or websites. Make sure you go through them before you apply for a domestic connection.

Required Documents for Domestic LPG Connection

There are some documents that will be an absolute must for taking an LPG connection. Ration cards, electricity bills, address proof, employer’s certificate, and house registration papers are some of the essential documents that you can keep handy. Depending on the provider(gas company), the list of identity, address, and income proof may vary.

Application Process

In order to save time, you can check the application processes for a domestic connection at different gas companies. Taking advantage of the internet, you can apply for a domestic connection in minimal steps, in the comfort of your home.


Sustainable and efficient, LPG is growing as the fuel of the future. However, waiting for domestic LPG connections can be time-consuming and inconvenient. Being prepared ahead and choosing the right gas company can help you avoid an unnecessary list of documents. Get in touch with Shivgas for a zero-hassle LPG gas connection in no time.

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