Benefits of LPG in the Laundry Industry

Running a laundry business requires a lot of fuel-generated equipment for fast and quick work in the laundry industry. If you are running a laundry business, then this blog is for you, to shift to private gas agencies for regular LPG supply instead of depending on electricity run by diesel generators.

Washing machines, steam generators, and dryers are electricity-dependent equipment. These require a continuous supply of fuel to run efficiently. This will shoot up the electricity bills high, and increase the load on conventional solid fossil fuels. As we are entering into depletion of solid fossil fuel, it is better to look for alternatives, and as we have mentioned above, there is no better option currently than liquefied petroleum gas.

In this blog, let's discuss why LPG is the need of the hour for the laundry industry.

Reliable Electricity Source

The laundry industry largely depends on electricity, which is why it is evident to get a cost-effective and reliable source of generating electricity. Instead of connecting the equipment to a generator run through a diesel engine, it's best to opt for LPG-powered appliances.

Readily Available

The increase in LPG private gas agencies has ensured you can get LPG anywhere anytime. We at SHIVGAS, provide hassle-free quick delivery within hours of booking that ensure there is no downtime in productivity.

SHIVGAS is increasing its distributor base by providing LPG gas dealerships to young and enthusiastic minds, so it will be readily available in the market for different commercial applications.

Cleaner Environment

The emission of greenhouse gases is one of the major reasons behind global warming. Shifting to a sustainable energy source such as LPG gas assures minimal amount of toxic gas such as NOx or SOx is saturated in the air, causing ozone layer depletion or heating of the earth.

Increase in the pace of productivity

Like any industry, the profit of the laundry industry is time-bound. LPG has a high calorific value which means it produces heat faster than any other gas. This is why the equipment run by LPG takes 50% lesser time. The quality of drying sheets by LPG dryers is also far superior.


As has been mentioned earlier, the use of LPG is inexpensive than other gases. It has no residual and has a high calorific value which results in little wastage of fuel. It does not cost as much as electricity bills, hence the choice becomes affordable for many.

Application of LPG in the Laundry Industry

The benefit of LPG cylinder is benefitted by professionals when applied with the right equipment. Here are a few types of equipment that are run by LPG that can ensure your sustainable and cost-effective business.

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Water Heaters

LPG for propane water heaters is becoming popular in the laundry business, for numerous reasons. These water heaters are versatile and convenient to use. It is beneficial for both domestic and commercial applications. Moreover, this can heat twice the amount of water in an hour than an electric model.

LPG Tumble Dryers

Tumble dryers are useful for drying washed clothes, They are available in a range of sizes and you can opt for different laundry business sizes. LPG tumble dryers protect the clothes from over-drying and developing wrinkles as it does not produce static electricity.

LPG Iron

LPG irons are one of the major engineering development from engineers in India. These irons are ideal for removing wrinkles, and smoothening the fabric without any electricity. These have easy turn-on/off, and temperature control options.


If you are running a laundry business and want a reliable source of LPG suppliers, then trust us. SHIVGAS is one of the leading private gas agencies in West Bengal and East India. If you are starting a new business then contact our experts to get guidance on LPG installation.

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