What are the advantages of elevating LPG storage rooms?

When it comes to the storage of LPG cylinders in a private LPG gas agency dealership warehouse, it is always advised to keep on elevating storage rooms. As we know, we should never compromise on safety.

An elevated platform, up to 1100mm in height, is recommended for LPG cylinder loading and unloading. But why? Read along to know the advantages!

Easy To Load or unload

The elevated platform removes the requirement of a scissor lift or extra manpower, as the pallet trolley is enough to top connect the truck's storage compartment with the room. It can be easily loaded or unloaded to and from and delivery vehicle without the fear of dropping the cylinder and avoiding the possibility of leakage due to the same.

Easy Evacuation

While making storage rooms, it is important to check whether or not the evacuation process is simple. Elevated rooms where sliders or forklifts can be easily fitted to evacuate the cylinder in minimal time are always recommended. The staff can take quick action in case of an emergency, and the elevated rooms allow them to conduct the evacuation process at a fast pace without much error.

Failure of the scissor lift

For storage of gas cylinders, it is not recommended to store in below ground level or too above off ground level. The application of a scissor lift for transporting a cylinder from one place to another can be difficult.

In case of mechanical failure in a scissor lift, there is a high chance cylinder toppling down at such a great height. It is dangerous for people working at a job site and can lead to an unexpected accident.

This is why it is important to store the cylinder on an elevated platform that matches the height of trucks or small vehicles that help in transporting the cylinder.

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Things To Consider While Constructing Storage Platform


  • LPG cylinders are filled with compressed gas. This is sealed with a rubber valve. So, while transporting, the cylinders must be kept in an upright position to avoid spillage or leakage of gas.
  • The transporting vehicle must be well ventilated and covered.
  • The cylinders shall be aligned rightly before transportation to remain secured under transit.
  • The driver and staff in the vehicle must be adequately trained to have proper knowledge of handling situations in case of leakage.
  • During the transit of mixed cylinders, the name and volume must be marked separately.

Loading of Cylinder

  • During loading of the cylinder the helper must use a trolley on a sliding pallet for loading to ensure the cylinder is not rolled on the ground for transportation.
  • The cylinder shall be kept one over another at an upright position to keep them secured during transit.

Unloading of cylinder

  • The cylinder must be unloaded at a height of the truck's trunk.
  • Do not roll or move the cylinder on its body. Always remember to use a trolley for moving cylinders from one storage unit to another.
  • Do not throw or drop the cylinder from height. Always remember to keep a rubber pad for unloading. For unloading a large number of cylinders always use the right equipment and lift to eliminate the risk of leakage.
  • Never hook the cylinder around the neck or valve. It can lead to damage to the cylinder plate and valve, leading to leakage.


If you are googling "how to take gas agency" you must adhere to these requirements for building a storage room for gas cylinders. SHIVGAS is a private LPG gas agency in Kolkata, that values safety at all-time.

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