LPG Safety Tips - How to Handle an LPG Leak?

LPG ( Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is one of the main utilities every business and home needs. However, the innocent-looking LPG cylinder can pose a high threat to human health and damage your high property. Regardless of which LPG gas providers you're choosing for your home or business, it's important to know a few safety tips beforehand that would help you overcome the hazards related to leakage. Many reasons can lead to cylinder leakage, but good knowledge will help you keep your property and health safe and secure.

LPG Safety Tips From Shiv Gas Experts!

 If something like gas leakage happens, here are a few things that SHIVGAS recommends you can do to avoid high damage.

Don't Panic

If you're experiencing an LPG leak, all you need to do is avoid panicking. Panic is a quite common thing a person can experience during a gas leakage. Therefore, it is good to keep your thoughts clear, keep your head calm and do the right task to avoid it. Make sure you don't let yourself and your family panic if such a case happens.

Extinguish Fire, If Any

Your next step you check out the fire and extinguish it instantly. Regardless of how small or big the fire is, it's good to put off innocuous incense sticks, flames, lamps, and other such things. Additionally, make sure you don't light up lighter or other remotely flammable devices to avoid excessive damage. It's always good to contact your LPG gas providers as soon as possible and inform them about the incident.

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Open Windows/Doors

LPG gas is known to be heavier. Meaning it can settle down in your home or office. Therefore, you need to open the windows and doors and let the air in. This will help you to lower the amount of gas in your faculty. Make sure you don't open exhaust fans or electric fans for the process. Instead, let the gas go out naturally. Make sure you isolate the outer electrical supply to ensure that the problem doesn't get bigger.

Call Your LPG Dealer

Your next step should be calling your chosen LPG Gas Dealers. A good company would be ready to serve you with the required assistance. Therefore, it's smart to choose the right LPG gas company, just like SHIVGAS, which is known to deliver unparalleled service to its clients. Thorough research before choosing the dealer will help you to avoid future mishaps. They will help you with emergency assistance so that you can minimize the damages.

Some More Precautions

If someone in your family or business area has inhaled the gas, here are a few precautionary measures you must take before consulting any doctor or physician.

  • The first thing you need to do is get the person out in the fresh air. Lay them down in fresh air so that they feel comfortable in the air.
  • If the gas has been in contact with skin, it's important to immediately wash the area with water. Wash with plenty of water for at least 20 minutes, and then seek medical help instantly.
  • If the infected person feels itchiness in the eyes, it's better to rinse the eyes with plenty of water and then go for medical assistance.

Final Thoughts

Remember, a gas leak can be avoided by following a few precautionary measures beforehand. First, it's good to choose a reputable LPG gas company in India. A reputable company will have adequate equipment to check the leakage or tubing defects that can lead to leakage. Secondly, you need to store the LPG cylinder away from heat, flame, sparkles, and sunlight.


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