Commercial LPG

LPG for Commercial Use

LPG gas is a great fuel for commercial applications due to its high calorific value and easy availability. The value adds up with SHIVGAS’s super quick delivery and hassle-free on-boarding process.

Whether you run a restaurant, hotel, or catering business the USP of the business of hospitability business run on the quality of food you serve. LPG helps you to maintain a balance between quantity and quality. SHIVGAS is one of the private LPG gas companies in Kolkata that provides affordable commercial gas cylinder prices and helps your business to take leaps and flourish without any difficulty.

  • Restaurant/cafe/hotel/catering business
  • Air conditioning
  • Running Geysers
  • Distillation and powering equipment.
  • Swimming Pool Heating and Clothes drying.

SHIVGAS runs on its USP of quality & quantity, never compromising on either one of the aspects and our commercial gas cylinder price is quite affordable. Check out our product offering for the Commercial LPG sector.

Being one of the best private LPG gas companies in India, we ensure that our customers are always satisfied and their concerns are always being addressed.


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