LPG An Efficient Versatile Energy Source for Hotels and Restaurants

LPG Is An Efficient Versatile Energy Source for Hotels and Restaurants

Before opening a hotel or restaurant one always searches for an LPG gas agency or ‘private LPG gas agency near me’. Hotel or Restaurants solely depends on the hospitability of consumers by providing quick customized services. Yes, we agree there are other factors too such as aesthetics, quality service, and operational efficiency, but if the

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LPG Cylinder Expiry Date

Ways To Understand Expiry Date Of LPG Cylinder

Do you know LPG cylinders have an expiry date? Well, the technical term as the LPG companies in India say, is the resetting date which many consumers call the expiry date. If you are unaware of the cylinder’s expiry date then you have landed on the right spot as we will discuss it in detail.

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LPG Cylinder Position

Is Keeping An LPG Cylinder In A Horizontal Position Safe?

Are you aware many people in two-tier cities and in villages keep the LPG cylinder in a horizontal position when it is about to get empty? Albeit it has no returning profit, this raises a concern on safety protocols, is it safe to keep the cylinder in a horizontal position? The gas in the LPG

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Key Differences Between LPG And LNG

Today, we are shifting towards the alternative of traditional fuels. More and more industries are turning to CNG, LPG, and LNG fuels. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions and minimizes expenses that help in increasing productivity in industries and combat global warming. LPG and LNG are two different gases and have different distribution networks, energy content,

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