33 KG LOT (Liquid Off Take) Gas Cylinder


33 KG Liquid Off Take (LOT) Gas Cylinder

LOT or Liquid Off Take gas cylinders is a system where the LPG is naturally converted into vapour inside the cylinder. Due to heat in the environment surrounding the cylinder, the liquid LPG inside the cylinder is converted to gas.

SHIV GAS 33 KG Liquid Off Take (LOT) Gas Cylinder provides flexibility and saves space in places that demand high consumption. It is best suited for Industries and Hotels. Choose the LOT Gas Cylinders from SHIVGAS, one of the best private gas agency in India to significantly reduce electrical expenses, operate with safety and enjoy lower maintenance costs.

Our 33 KG LOT gas cylinders are easily available and are known for their cost-effectiveness.

Industrial Liquid off take Gas Cylinder | 33 KG LPG | SHIVGAS

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