17 KG LPG Gas Cylinder


17 KG LPG Gas Cylinder

To start with, the 17 KG commercial LPG gas cylinder from SHIVGAS is durable and easy to move or transport. It is widely used in hotels and restaurants. We thoroughly maintain the commitment of timely services of the 17 KG LPG cylinder so that your business meets its demands with a punctual supply of LPG energy. Our extensive distributor network assures availability and prompt delivery to your premises. Choose SHIVGAS for the smooth functioning of your business; let us take care of your LPG needs.

At SHIVGAS, we ensure quick and hassle-free new commercial LPG connections and with 30 years of expertise in the industry, we are synonymous with superior quality and adequate quantity.

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30 Years of Expertise

SHIVGAS is backed by 30 years of expertise in the industry of LPG

Timely Supply

Round the clock support to ensure meeting demands on time

Quality Assurance

SHIVGAS is synonymous to quality and proper quantity

Extensive Supply Network

The SHIVGAS dealer network makes the magic happen